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On-trail hiking, biking and climbing is Mojave Max approved.

There’s so much to explore in Nevada’s deserts. Learn how to keep our desert environment thriving under your feet…or wheels!

Explore Responsibly

Exploring in the desert is an unforgettable experience. The panoramic vistas, stark landscapes and prehistoric flora and fauna are truly unique on our planet. With a bit of awareness you can enjoy these wonders without threatening their sustainability.

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Exploring Safety Tips

Exploring in the Mojave Desert is best approached with a bit of caution. The rule in the desert is unpredictability. Water and shelter are scarce, and temperatures may fluctuate widely. Know your limitations and plan accordingly.

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Flora and Fauna

Many people dismiss the desert as a barren wasteland. To do so would be ignoring a vibrant, thriving ecosystem with a surprisingly vast array of beautiful plant and animal species.

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Hikes and Trails

Even though Desert Tortoises don’t do a lot of hiking, Mojave Max has gathered up a few of his favorite hikes and trails for you to explore.

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