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Responsible OHV Use Is Approved by Mojave Max.

Mojave Max has some tips and tools for responsible use of Off-Highway Vehicles. Let’s make it fun and safe for all species!

Dirt bike rider

Ride Responsibly

Shredding is fun, exciting and a great way to enjoy the dramatic desert landscape. Staying on approved trails will preserve your right to ride and the beauty of the desert ecosystem we all love so much.

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ATV driving on mud

Shredding Tips

Mojave Max has seen his share of OHV enthusiasts go whizzing by. He’s got a few tips that will make your off-road adventures a lot more exciting for you, and way less terrifying for his desert neighbors.

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OHV Guide Map

Hundreds of miles of trails provide a variety of riding experiences. Explore the best of Nevada’s spectacular desert scenery with this guide map showing where to go and how to shred there!

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Looking for more information on OHV use?

The Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles promotes safe and responsible use of Nevada’s outstanding opportunities for off-road recreation.