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The desert is cooler than you think.

Our desert home is a place of breathtaking beauty and incredible natural diversity. It’s like nowhere else on earth. Mojave Max and his friends have gathered a ton of cool ways to learn all about it. Check them out!

Mojave Max enjoying some foliage

Emergence Contest

Mojave Max is a Tortoise that lives at Springs Preserve. Every fall, Max goes into his burrow to begin brumation. In the spring, Max emerges. The person who guesses the closest to when Max will emerge wins!

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Kid’s Adventure

Help Max explore his desert home. Mojave Max’s home is filled with exciting plants and animals. Each one is important to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Play this fun game to see if you can spot all of Max’s neighbors.

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Mojave Max has a lot to teach your kids about native desert species and conservation! We hope the following resources will help you continue spreading the message of Mojave Max in the classroom and beyond!

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Resources for students and teachers

Mojave Max believes in enjoying his desert home and he wants everyone to learn how to keep it safe, how to Respect it, Protect it, and Enjoy it. To do that, he and his friends have collected many fun resources that will help you get started exploring his world.

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