The Mojave Max education program is moving to a new location at the Springs Preserve on September 26, 2017! Mojave Max, the famous southern Nevada desert tortoise, will enjoy the Springs Preserve’s 15-acre desert tortoise habitat which is located at the property’s northwest corner.

Mojave Max is a live tortoise that serves as the official mascot to the Clark County Desert Conservation Program. Each year the Mojave Max education program reaches thousands of Clark County students in grades K-6 through educational assemblies, classroom presentations, and public outreach events. With the help of the Mojave Max mascot, students learn about desert tortoises (a federally threatened species), the Mojave Desert ecosystem, and the importance of desert conservation.

“Since 2000, Mojave Max has helped teach thousands of school children how to respect, protect, and enjoy our desert ecosystem” Desert Conservation Program Manager Marci Henson said.  “We believe that this move will allow more Clark County students access to Mojave Max and the Mojave Max education program, and because of the Springs Preserve’s dedication to youth education and inspiring environmental stewardship, we believe this move is a great fit for our Mojave Max education program.”

The 15-acre Springs Preserve tortoise habitat was constructed in 2015 according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service specifications and already houses a small group of tortoises.  Visitors will be able to walk through the habitat and may see the tortoises, including Mojave Max, up close and in person.

The Mojave Max Education Program is provided by a partnership among Clark County, the Springs Preserve and the Clark County School District.