Mojave Max is a real live tortoise that lives at the Springs Preserve. Every fall when the hot Las Vegas weather cools off, Max goes into his burrow to begin brumation (this is how Max hibernates). In the spring, when the weather begins to warm up, Max emerges. The person who guesses as closely as possible to the correct day, hour and minute when Max will emerge from his burrow wins!

Students from Clark County, Nevada, in grades K-6 who are enrolled in public, private, and registered home schools of the Clark County School District are eligible to win. The grand prize winner and his or her entire class will win t-shirts, Mojave Max Olympic-style medals, a pizza party and a field trip to the Springs Preserve to see the real Mojave Max! The winner also receives a laptop computer, a digital camera, and an ‘America the Beautiful’ year-long pass to National Parks and Federal Recreational areas. The winner’s teacher will receive a laptop computer.

To enter the contest, click on Learn and then the Emergence Contest button.

The Mojave Max Education Program is provided by a partnership among Clark County, the Clark County School District, Outside Las Vegas Foundation and the Springs Preserve.