The Mojave Max Assembly Applications are now closed and will reopen in the Fall of next year. The Mojave Max Team will review the applications that were received and will notify schools within the next couple of weeks. Schools will be notified whether they were chosen for an assembly presentation or not. If your school is not chosen for an assembly presentation, you will automatically be offered a Tortoise Talk presentation and someone from the Mojave Max Team will contact you to let you know and to schedule the Tortoise Talk.

The Mojave Max Program provides educational assemblies in Fall and Winter of each year. The assemblies include appearances by a Ranger who discusses desert tortoise biology and conservation, an educator who discusses Mojave Desert weather which plays an important part in Mojave Max’s emergence, and the Mojave Max mascot. Clark County teachers for grades 1-5, if you would like to request a Mojave Max Assembly, please check back next Fall to fill out an application.